Inflatable Hot Tub Review: The Best of 2018


Inflatable spas are certainly a lot cheaper than an actual Jacuzzi, but not all of them are actually worth it. Our inflatable hot tub review of the best models available this year can help you find cheap inflatable hot tubs that you will surely enjoy.

In this article, you’ll find a list of the most trusted and popular portable hot tubs on the market. You will also learn what this type of hot tub actually is and why they are becoming a trend nowadays.

If you’re new to inflatable hot tubs, we recommend that you check the later sections so you can better understand how it functions, together with how it can benefit you.

Inflatable Hot Tub Review: The Best of 2018

Model NameCapacityMassage JetsFiltration and Water Treatment 
SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJetUp to 6 PersonsBubble Jets
Pressurized Jets
Standard Filter
Hard Water Treatment
Saltwater Treatment
Intex Pure Spa Jet & Bubble DeluxeUp to 4 PersonsBubble Jets
Pressurized Jets
Standard Filter
Hard Water Treatment
Saltwater Treatment
Coleman Lay Z SpaUp to 6 PersonsBubble JetsStandard Filter
Intex Portable 6 Person Pure Spa Plus Bubble SpaUp to 6 PersonsBubble JetsStandard Filter
Intex 77in PureSpa PortableUp to 4 PersonsBubble JetsStandard Filter
Hard Water Treatment
Lay Z Spa Miami AirJetUp to 4 PersonsBubble JetsStandard Filter

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet – Best Portable Spa With Hydro Jets

Portable Spa With HydrojetsDo you want more than the basic setup when it comes to inflatable spas? Are you looking for more than one type of massage jets? Then the SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet is what you might be looking for.

Manufactured by Bestway, the same brand that makes the Lay Z Spa hot tubs, this model is their creme de la creme. It is their most high-end model with all the bells and whistles that a portable hot tub can do.

SaluSpa Hawaii is designed to accommodate up to 6 people. The best way to experience it though is with 4 people. There is enough leg room to stretch especially when seated at the corner. It has a pretty good design, in our opinion, for maximizing the space.

As with all other models, this one comes with standard bubble jets installed and an integrated water filtration system. The bubble jets are located at the bottom edges and can be turned on easily from the control panel. They provide a light, whole-body massage, helping you de-stress and unwind after a hectic day.

This model doesn’t only come with bubble jets. It actually has 8 high-powered massage jets installed, which the manufacturer labeled as hydro jets. These hydro jets are installed at the corners, 2 for each corner to be exact. You can set the pressure on the control unit and manually adjust the angle of the jets as well. This allows for more pressurized and targeted massage on specific parts of your body. Perfect for that aching lower back muscle.

The water heater is designed to raise the temperature of the water at a rate of 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. It can also heat the water for up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. So you need to plan ahead if you’re planning to use it, to make sure that the water is at your desired temperature.

There is one shortcoming, though. You cannot turn on 2 or more functions at the same time. The high-powered massage jets cannot run at the same time as the bubble jets. Or the bubble jets cannot be turned on while the heater is running.

Why would you bother turning them on simultaneously in the first place? Well for one, the bubble jets blow in the ambient air. Since you cannot turn the heater on while running the jets, this can decrease the water’s temperature depending on how cold it is outside. However, most of us might find this very tolerable, even unnoticeable to some.

Aside from the standard water filtration, Hawaii Hydrojet comes with 2 water treatment system: Hard water and Saltwater.

The built-in hard water treatment system helps keep the water from drying up your skin for soaking for some time. It also makes the water soft to your hair and clothes as well. Additionally, this system prevents any chemical build ups which may damage your unit in the long run.

The saltwater treatment system breaks down salt and turns it into natural and safe chemicals that help keep the water clean. With this system installed, you have the option not to use chemical chlorine, especially if you, or someone you know who will use the hot tub, is allergic to it.


If you’re looking to have a better experience when soaking in your inflatable spa, then we recommend SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet for you. It has 2 massage functions and 2 water treatment installed not found in other mid to low-end portable hot tubs.
  • Has 8 adjustable hydro jets for more targeted massage
  • Has the standard bubble jets installed as well
  • It has 2 water treatment system installed aside from the standard water filtration
  • Square shape allows for more legroom for 4 people
  • Cannot run 2 or more functions at the same time
  • More costly than lower-end models

Intex Pure Spa Jet & Bubble Deluxe – Best Premium Inflatable Hot Tub

Premium Inflatable SpaAre you planning to upgrade your current portable hot tub? Or perhaps you want to have the most premium among all the models? Then Intex Pure Spa Jet & Bubble Deluxe is exactly what you’re looking for.

The model of Intex Pure Spa comes with a bubble jet which blows powerful air bubbles into the water. As you enjoy soaking, you can turn this on and get a full body massage. This in itself can help you relieve stress. But what if you have some lower back pains that you need to specifically target? Fortunately, with just a touch of a button, you can run the high-pressure massage jets to target these areas.

These 4 high-performing massage jets are installed one on each short side of the octagon. Each one of them is 0.9 horsepower which can produce pressure ranging from 7 to 10 psi. A lot more pressure than the bubble jets and perfect to loosen up those tight muscles, promoting better blood circulation.

The heater once turned on, heats up the water at a rate of 2 degrees per hour. You can set the temperature beforehand, leave it overnight or during the day while you’re at work, then come home and soak in your desired water temperature. As with other models, this Intex portable spa comes with an insulated cover to keep the water clean while not in use. The cover also helps to keep the heat in until the time you decide to soak.

It has 2 water treatment systems installed. The hard water treatment system keeps the water soft, which helps prevent the skin and hair from drying up. It also makes sure the unit remains in tip-top shape by preventing any chemical build ups which may damage it. We believe that this is an important feature, considering that this is a premium inflatable spa.

The saltwater treatment system works in conjunction with the hard water treatment. It helps eliminate the use of chemical chlorine. To those who are allergic to chlorine, whether mild or severe, this is a great boon.

For such a great inflatable spa, this model comes with a price. Literally, a high price tag. It can be a turn-off to some who are tight on their budget.

However, if you have the money, we certainly do recommend that you grab this. The features and functionalities are definitely more than worth the price.

If you have already read our review on SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet above, you might ask: What makes this different and better than that model? The answer lies in both the design and functionality.

Compared to SaluSpa Hawaii, Intex has improved the shape further of their deluxe portable spa to an octagon. The octagon shape allows enough legroom for all 4 people using it. And this model is designed to accommodate up to 4 persons. Everyone gets to have their own fair share of legroom.

Of all the inflatable hot tubs we shortlisted here, this is the only one that has the ability to run more than 1 function at the same time. This functionality is more than enough to convince some people to decide in buying this model, including us. Being able to run your heater while the bubble jets are running is an awesome experience. With bubble jets and the high-pressure massage jets turned on, everyone soaking can experience the massage they want all at the same time, whether light or targeted.


If you have the money to shell out, we actually recommend on getting this premium Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe. It may be more costly than the rest, but it’s still so much cheaper than an actual Jacuzzi. Plus the features are the closest you can get to a regular hard-shell hot tub.
  • Octagon shape luxuriously designed which gives more legroom
  • Designed to accommodate 4 persons comfortably
  • Includes 2 built-in water treatment system: saltwater and hard water
  • Has both 120 bubble jets and 4 adjustable high-powered massage jets
  • Can turn on more than one function at the same time
  • One of the most pricier models because of its premium quality
  • Seating capacity is not big enough for 6 people

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub – One Of The Best Cheap Hot Tubs Under $500

Best Cheap Hot Tubs Under 500For several years now, this portable spa from Coleman remains to be the undisputed and most popular model. Trusted and recommended by a lot of consumers, it’s no wonder why a lot of people have this unit setup in their backyard or even inside their spare garage.

We believe that a big part of the popularity of this model is because of the Coleman brand. Coleman also has regular hot tubs for sale on the market but this is the only model they have for inflatables. Coleman Lay Z Spa is also known as Coleman SaluSpa. Don’t get confused by their different names. They are exactly the same.

Coleman Lay Z Spa is a great entry-level inflatable spa. If this is your first time getting an inflatable spa, this is the best model to buy. It is one of the cheap hot tubs under 500 that continues to be a crowd favorite. It is so easy to setup and the materials used are very durable as well. In fact, you can even sit on the sides without deflating it or affecting the shape.

This portable spa is designed to accommodate up to 6 adults. Although 6 persons can fit in, the truth is, the experience may be a little too intimate for some. All will be sitting too close together with legs touching. There is not enough legroom for all six sets of legs to stretch. Having said that, the size is great for up to 3 or 4 people.

The maximum heating capacity is 104 degrees Fahrenheit and the unit can heat up the water at a rate of 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. That means the colder the initial temperature of the water is, the longer it will take to reach the desired heat.

Unfortunately, if you’re someone who prefers other colors aside from green, you’re out of luck. Coleman Lay Z Spa is only available in this color.
Bestway recently released a black version of Coleman Lay-Z-Spa which you can check here

Honestly, the color didn’t bother us. We had it setup in the backyard and the color matches the greens all around. It’s such a pleasant and relaxing color for us. If it bothers you, the Lay Z Spa Miami from Bestway offers a black color for their hot tub.

This Coleman inflatable hot tub as 120 bubble jets installed at the bottom. They are designed to suck in air from the outside and blow through the water. This means turning on the bubble jets can lower the water’s temperature. We advise to heat up the water several degrees higher than your preference before taking a dip to address this shortcoming.

Maintaining this portable spa is quite easy. It has a standard water filtration system installed which is good enough to keep the water clean and free from chemical residue. Cleaning the filter is as easy as hosing it down. Most people would even pop it in their dishwasher after initial cleaning with a hose.


We believe that Coleman Lay-Z Spa gives the best value for your money, compared to other models. The price might be a little higher than the cheapest, but its size is able to accommodate up to 6 persons and not just 4. Plus it’s from a brand we already came to trust.
  • One of the cheapest and from a brand trusted by a lot of people
  • 120 bubble jets for a relaxing and soothing soak
  • Best for 4 persons
  • Comes with one color only – green
  • No additional massage jets

Intex Pure Spa Portable Hot Tub for 6 Persons – Best 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Recommended 6 Person Portable SpaMost of us who are interested in buying a portable hot tub would picture ourselves having a great time with our family or friends. Pool parties, birthday parties, or even just a weekend family time, just thinking about them will make you feel excited.

This Intex Pure Spa Portable Hot Tub with Bubble Spa certainly fits the bill if you’re looking to accommodate up to 6 persons. There’s enough room for you with your wife and kids to spend some family time. You can have up to 5 of your friends come over and have a good time.

The bubble spa is an amazing experience. There are 140 bubble jets that line up the bottom perimeter of the tub. With a touch of a button, all these jets are turned on at the same time and blow ambient air into the heated waters. This gives a whole body light massage, soothing, relaxing, and well, quite bubbly.

However, this model of Intex portable spa does not come with high-powered massage jets. If you’re looking for a hydromassage experience more than a bubble massage, sadly, this does not come with it.

Water can be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but not any hotter. Its materials, along with other portable spas, are not designed to withstand temperature higher than 104 degrees. Honestly, this is already hotter than most people would prefer.

Another great thing about this model of Intex hot tub is that it has a built-in hard water treatment system. This is a free additional feature aside from the standard water filtration that comes with every inflatable spa.

The hard water treatment keeps the unit in top condition because it prevents any build-ups. This helps to increase the durability and lifetime of the unit. It also helps keep the water soft, making gentler on the skin and clothes.

Installing the Intex Pure Spa for 6 Persons is as easy as any other models, even if it has a bigger capacity. This is because all you need to do is find a place where you need to inflate the tub, use the control unit to blow up the hot tub, attach the control unit, then fill it up.

Setting up a portable hot tub is so simple that even a single person can do it. You don’t even need additional tools to do it. If there’s two of you who are doing the process, then it would take a little more than 30 minutes to get the inflatable spa up and ready, minus the part where you fill it up with water.


If you’re planning to accommodate up to 6 persons, then this Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Portable Hot Tub is the right one for you. And if you noticed the headrest on the picture, this inflatable spa actually comes with 2 of these.
  • This is a very affordable inflatable hot tub for its size
  • Can accommodate up to 6 persons
  • Comes with a built-in hard water treatment
  • 140 bubble jets line up the bottom of the tub
  • Does not come with high-powered jets for targeted massage
  • Cannot enable two functions at the same time like heater and bubble jets

Intex Pure Spa 77in Portable Hot Tub – Best Cheap Inflatable Hot Tub for 4 Persons

Best Cheap Inflatable Hot Tub for 4 PersonsIf you’re searching for a compact inflatable spa which is not too basic yet not too expensive, then we suggest you get this 77in Intex Pure Spa Portable Hot Tub. Compared to other compact models, this one has a hard water treatment system installed.

Hard water, if left unchecked, can significantly decrease the lifespan of any inflatable spa. With regular use, hard water deposits get stuck in the filtration system and other parts of the tub. In time, this will clog out the system and break the tub.

Additionally, the effects of hard water don’t stop there. Your skin and clothes also get their own share too. Fortunately, this model solves the problem by having a built-in hard water treatment system. It softens up the water, which you’ll immediately notice after soaking. Your skin wouldn’t feel as much dry and there wouldn’t be any itchy feeling too.

The massage system makes use of bubble jets, 120 of them to be exact. They all line up the bottom perimeter of the tub and produce bubbles at the press of a button. These bubbles can give a light massage to the every part of your body immersed in the water. It is such a relaxing experience especially after a hectic day at work.

Take note that the bubbles produced by the bubble jets are not heated at all.

These bubble jets actually suck in air from the outside and blow them into the water. That is why we suggest that you heat up the water several degrees that your intended temperature. It should be able to accommodate the temperature of the ambient blowing through the bubble jets.

Once inflated, this portable spa has a dimension of 77 x 28 inches. It has enough height to easily get in or get out of the tub. The side walls are 20 inches thick, allowing one sit comfortably on the side as well. On the same note, the sides are very sturdy because of a PVC-like material installed inside the walls. This ensures that the unit remains sturdy and firm.

This model from Intex is best for those people who wanted to have a small-sized portable spa with hard water treatment system.


The great thing about Intex Pure Spa 77in Portable Hot Tub is that it is compact yet has enough legroom to accommodate even a person who is 6-feet in height. The built-in hard water treatment system is also a great feature that you will better appreciate as soon as you start experiencing how soft the water is.
  • 120 bubble jets for a muscle-relaxing experience
  • Built-in hard water treatment
  • Spacious 4-person inflatable spa
  • Does not have high-pressure massage jets
  • Cannot turn on two or more functions at the same time

Lay Z Spa Miami AirJet – Best Blow Up Hot Tub Alternative To Coleman

Great 2 Person Inflatable Hot TubAre you looking for a cheap inflatable hot tub that is not colored green? Then we recommend Lay Z Spa Miami AIrJet from Bestway. It’s sort of the paternal twin of Coleman Lay Z Spa; the smaller twin. Everything else is the same except for the brand name and color of the unit.

You might think that Miami AirJet is a dupe, but fortunately, it’s not. Bestway actually manufactures both models. This is also the reason why they both have “Lay Z Spa” in their product name.

Also, they recently changed the name to from Lay Z Spa to SaluSpa. We actually got confused too and thought there was an upgrade to the control unit or functionalities. Lay Z Spa and SaluSpa are one and the same. There were no changes to the actual product features and functionalities at all.

While Coleman Lay Z Spa is 77 inches in diameter, Lay Z Spa Miami is only 71 inches. That is why Miami is the recommended for up to 4 people. It is compact and great for couples.

Like all other models, Miami Airjet can only withstand temperature ranges from 40 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you cannot have your water heated up more than 104. It also means that you need to be to stow away this inflatable spa during the cold months if the temperature in your place goes below 40 degrees.

Fortunately, stowing it away is easy since it is designed to be very portable. In a nutshell, it would just involve draining the water, deflating the hot tub, disconnecting the unit and stowing it away in the bag that comes with it.

You will notice, however, that the features are quite bare. There are no additional water treatment system or extra massage jets like the premium models.

Although the features are basic, they do get the job done of relaxing you in a very luxurious way. Bubble Jets are installed at the bottom perimeter of the tub, to give you a soothing light massage. The water heater can raise the water’s temperature at a rate of 2 to 3 degrees per hour. There is also a built-in water filtration system to help maintain the water’s cleanliness.


Perhaps the best thing we love about Lay-Z Spa Miami is that it’s very affordable. In fact, it is the cheapest on the market right now. It’s a great starter inflatable hot tub especially if your budget is a little tight.
  • Can accommodate up to 4 persons
  • Air bubbles gives a light and relaxing massage
  • The cheapest on the market to date
  • No additional massage jets installed
  • No additional water treatment system; only comes with the standard filters

Inflatable Hot Tub Buying Guide

With a list of the top-rated inflatable spas for 2017, coupled with our honest review for each of them, you should be able to easily pick which one is the perfect fit for your needs.

In case you’re still undecided or want to know more about this trending product, we at has written the next sections to provide you with the details, know-how, and know-whys to help you further in your buying decision.

What Is An Inflatable Hot Tub?

An inflatable hot tub provides almost the same experience you get from a regular spa or Jacuzzi, at a fraction of the cost. It has the ability to heat up the water and keep it clean at the same time. It can also perform hydro massage with air bubbles and/or high-powered massage jets.

>Because of its features, an inflatable hot tub is also known as a portable hot tub, inflatable spa, or portable spa.

The main and obvious difference compared to hard-shell hot tubs is the shell itself. An inflatable spa’s shell is soft and yet puncture-resistant. If you already have experiences with an airbed, then it’s quite similar but with with a stronger and sturdier material.

As proof of how sturdy the materials are, you can actually sit on the side walls without deflating or affecting its shape. You can easily lean on the walls without any worry of toppling it over. Even with the bubble jets running on heated water, the entire structure remains stable.

A portable hot tub comes with some or all of the following main components, depending on the model and brand:

Massage System

The standard massage system installed on all models is a bubble jet massage. Depending on the model, 120 to 140 bubble jets are lined up at the bottom perimeter of the tub. These control unit suck in air from the outside and blow them through each of these bubble jets, producing a constant stream of air that lightly massages your submerged body.

Since it makes use outside air, the temperature may affect that of the water. The colder it is outside, the more noticeable the decrease in the water’s temperature. In worse cases, it is not a sudden drop but more of a gradual process as the bubble jets continue to run. We have yet to see an inflatable spa with heated bubble jets. Once that becomes available, you’ll definitely find it here first at

High-end inflatable spas call for high-end massage system. Different brands call them by different names, hydro jets, high-powered massage jets, etc. They are basically the same, though, in terms of the type of massage they give.

These massage jets provide targeted and high-pressure massage. It’s a direct, precision massage compared to the full body you get from bubble jets. One to two of these hydro jets is installed to side or corners. Their angles are manually adjustable and the pressure can be adjusted from the control unit with a touch of a button.

Filtration and Treatment System

Water sanitation is very important. That is why every manufacturer made sure that all their inflatable spas come with a standard filtration system. This system helps keep the water clean by filtering away small debris, hair strands, and chemical residue. This is the part of the portable spa that you need to regularly maintain depending on your usage.

Cleaning up the filter cartridge is a breeze. You just remove from the side of the spa, blast it with water from a hose and then pop it in a dishwasher for further cleaning. That’s there is to it. Once the dishwasher is done with it, you can just place it back in the filter housing on your spa.

Mid to high-end models have the following additional water treatment system installed. You do not need to have set up these systems as they are already built in. All you have to do is activate them in the control unit.

  • Saltwater Treatment
  • If you’re allergic to chlorine or just don’t like the smell of chlorine lingering while you soak, this is the what you need to have in your inflatable spa. Instead of using a chlorine or bromine tablet, you just add salt.

    The system will break the salt down into chemicals that can naturally keep the water clean.

  • Hard Water Treatment
  • You may already know that hard water can dry up the hair and skin, but did you know that it can damage your portable hot tub in the long run? Hard water build ups can accumulate if left unchecked. Even your clothes are proof to the effects of being soaked in hard water. Notice how hard soap suds seem to cling to them so stubbornly.

    The hard water treatment system addresses this issue. You can immediately see the difference when you immerse yourself in the soft water of a portable hot tub.

Heating System

Regardless of the model or brand, all heating system installed in every portable spa has a maximum heating capacity of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s just no going over it. Well, some people can modify the system, but the materials of any portable spa cannot withstand heat greater than 104.

The rate that the water is heated up range from 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. Most of the time, it’s 2. So if you’re planning to use the portable spa on the weekend, you need to start heating the water up on Thursday or Friday, depending on the initial temperature of the water.

Since the speed at which the water can reach the hotness you desire depends on the starting temperature, you can somehow improve it by filling the portable spa with heated water. This is what most people actually do.

Regardless of which model you purchase, you’ll definitely find these included:

  1. Insulated cover – This helps in keeping the water hot while not in use. It can also keep the water free from dirt, fallen leaves or even animals.
  2. Control unit – Placed to the side of any portable spa, it is responsible for inflating and deflating the hot tub, for heating up the water, filtering and treating the water and for the running the massage jets well.
  3. Filter cartridges – Usually come in two, these cantaloupe-size starter filters can be easily replaced once they become too dirty to clean.
  4. Thermal ground cloth – Its area is slightly larger than the bottom of your inflatable spa, this slightly inflated cloth provides comfort while seated in a hot tub. It also acts as a secondary protection for the bottom of the tub.
  5. Carrying bag – With size almost the same as that of a military duffel bag, you can easily stow your deflated portable spa and the control unit for easy transport or for stowing away.

Are Inflatable Spas Any Good?

If it’s almost like a Jacuzzi, then why not buy an actual Jacuzzi or spa in the first place? How exactly can one benefit from purchasing an inflatable spa?

To better answer these and other similar questions, we decided to give you a list of benefits and provide a brief yet concise information. We also give you a list of what an inflatable spa cannot do. That way, you’ll have clear expectations, eliminating any future disappointments.

Benefits Over a Regular Hot Tub

  • Very Affordable
  • This is one of the very best benefits of an inflatable spa, whether you get a low-end budget model or the premium high-end ones. The cost is a fraction compared to that of regular spas, but with a similarly relaxing experience.

    Even if you’re going to compare it with a gym membership with spa, its cost is still a lot lower plus you get to experience soaking and relaxing in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

  • Easy To Setup
  • With above-ground hard-shell hot tubs, you will need professional help setting it up. In-ground spas are a different kind of beast too. You need to have a place dug up. You also need to have the proper piping. Then you will also need to set up some beautiful landscaping.

    With an inflatable spa, all you need is order them online and wait for their delivery. Once delivered, you just need to open the box and get it set up in less than an hour. Even a single person can do it. The only preparation you need before inflating it is to make sure that the location leveled and is free of debris and that a standard outlet is nearby.

    Then, alone or with someone, you basically inflate the tub, connect the control unit and fill it up with water. The steps we described is not really that detailed, but we believe you can easily get the gist of it.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Maintaining it, at the very least, would only require regular cleaning of filters. This can easily be done by hosing the filter with water and using a dishwasher for extra cleaning. With regular use, it is advisable to drain the water once every 2 weeks, depending on the quality of water and how frequent you use your unit.

    The materials of an inflatable spa are so easy to clean and are designed to keep chemicals from sticking to the surface.

    If you happen to get the ones with hard water treatment system installed, maintenance becomes almost automatic. The system, when turned on, will keep chemical build ups from ruining your unit and will keep the water soft.

  • Easy To Stow Away
  • In case you need room in your backyard, or you want to stow it away for extended periods of time that it’s not in use, you can certainly do this with an inflatable spa. Obviously, this is hard to do with regular hot tubs.

    In a nutshell, you would just drain the water, deflate it, then detach the control unit. Once deflated, it can easily be folded bringing down the size similar to when you first received it.

  • Portability
  • Since it’s so easy to stow away, a portable spa is also easy to move around. Do you need to rearrange your backyard? You can certainly relocate it easily without having to lay down new pipes.

    If you have a motorhome, you can certainly bring a portable hot tub with you where ever you go. Inflating it easily when you have the space and deflating and storing it inside your home while traveling. In fact, this is one way of enriching your mobile home experience!

Benefits To Your Well-Being

Soaking in heated water while getting a massage yields a lot of health benefits. What may seem to be just a luxurious way of relaxing at home, is actually a very effective way of detoxifying both your body and mind.

How exactly does an inflatable spa help with detoxifying your body? Scientific studies show that warm water can help open your pores. This helps your body release toxins through the skin.

Even athletes can benefit from soaking in warm water and getting a light massage. It can help relax their muscles, alleviating aches and pains related to a strenuous training or workout. This enables them to consistently train without risk of burnout.

Water buoyancy also helps a lot in relieving any joint pains by removing the pressure caused by gravity.

Perhaps the most obvious yet major benefit anyone can get when soaking in a hot tub is the relief from stress. Stress is a silent killer. It can prevent one from having a good night’s sleep, inhibit view of things, adversely affect our health, and a lot of other things that are harmful to our emotional, physical and mental health.

There are different ways to relieve stress, but doing this in a hot tub is the best way, in our opinion. It just feels so good relaxing in the heated waters of a spa while being lightly massaged.

As you unwind, the warm water helps release dopamine by balancing the nervous system. Dopamine is our pleasure hormone, a powerful body chemical that counters stress.

With stress significantly reduced, everything just steamrolls into getting better and better. Your sleep is greatly improved, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and your body recuperated. Your mind is at ease as you go through your day, becoming less affected by stressful events.

If you were having headaches before, you’ll notice that even migraines start to occur less frequently. This is because you feel more relaxed and are getting enough sleep.

The most wonderful thing about all these is you get to experience the benefits while pampering yourself at the same time.

What Not To Expect From An Inflatable Spa

A portable spa is not without any limitations.

In this section, we give to you the things you should not expect from it. This is to help you better gauge if these limitations are something that can be tolerated or ignored, or if it’s something that will constantly bother you once you have your own unit installed at home.

Compared to regular hot tubs, inflatable spas are not as durable. This is the trade-off you may get for such an affordable price. However, it doesn’t mean that it breaks down after just a couple of uses. Most last for 2 years of regular use. By the time it completely breaks down, you would have gotten a lot more than your money’s worth! You can easily buy or upgrade to a new one.

Another limitation is that the water cannot be heated up past 104 degrees. Although, we find this already hot, some people prefer to dip in hotter waters. Sadly, current regulations don’t permit this for inflatable spas.

If you’re someone who uses most of the functionalities in a Jacuzzi, you’ll surely find portable spas lacking in this department. There’s not a lot of variety of massage types.

Can You Use An Inflatable Hot Tub During Winter?

Perhaps one of the major disadvantages of a portable spa is that it can only withstand temperatures as cold as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower will damage the hose, control unit or the tub itself.

If you’re going to use your unit during the winter, be sure that temperature in your area does not fall below the 40s. So the answer to the question is, you can use it during winter depending on the state where you are located.

One of our friends actually thought of a practical way of circumventing this shortcoming. They live in New York but are still able to use it during winter. Their technique is to use it indoors. They have a spare room in their house dedicated to their portable hot tub. It’s one great way of taking advantage of an inflatable spa’s portability as they would relocate it again outside when winter is over.

Popular Inflatable Hot Tub Brands

There are a number of portable spa manufacturers on the market today but you’ll notice that we only recommend models coming from 3 brands. This is because these brands are the pioneer and most trusted.

We’re sure that a new brand may soon rise up to be the best in the near future, but right now, these are the top 3 brands that you should prioritize when deciding to buy an inflatable spa.

Intex Portable Spa

The Intex brand is well known for their other inflatables like airbed, sofa etc. They also manufacture above-ground pools. Their experience with these products is more than enough reason why their models of inflatable spas are one of the most popular.

They use their own patented Fiber-Tech construction material for each of their models. It’s a puncture-resistant material that makes their products sturdy and comfortable as well. In fact, this allows a person to even sit on the side walls of every Intex Pure Spa without deforming the structure or compromising on its shape over time.

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Bestway Hot Tub

The popular Lay Z Spa series of inflatable spas are manufactured by Bestway Corporation. They are another industry leader when it comes to airbeds, inflatable toys and above ground pools. In fact, several known businesses are partnered with them including Disney, Mattel, and Coleman.

Lay Z Spa, now also known as SaluSpa, are categorized into 3 groups: AirJet, HydroJet, and HydroJet Pro. The AirJet series has their most basic and most affordable models. They have standard water filtration installed and air bubbles for massage jets. The Hydrojet and HydroJet Pro are their high-end models with additional water treatment system and additional massage jet type as well.

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Coleman Portable Hot Tub

Coleman is a well-known outdoor brand. They carry both regular, hard-shell hot tubs and an inflatable one. Even if they only have one blow up spa model, the ever-popular Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub, it continues to retain the topmost position among the best almost every year.

Surprisingly, though, their hot tub is actually manufactured by Bestway. In fact, when Bestway changed the name of Lay Z Spa series to SaluSpa, Coleman’s own portable spa also became known as Coleman SaluSpa. This is just proof on how brand awareness can help with product experience.

We may have provided you with a review of Coleman Lay Z Spa earlier, but if you want a more detailed version you may want to check the link below:

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Why Should You Buy An Inflatable Spa?

The benefits of owning an inflatable spa are so overwhelmingly positive. From the actual experience of relaxing and treating your body well to the underlying health benefits, there’s almost no reason not to buy one.

From our experience, we always get more bang for our buck with inflatable spas. They are so affordable that we can easily upgrade if a new one with better features comes up. Did we say they are an amazing gift as well?

If you’re still on the fence between buying a hard-shell hot tub or an inflatable one, then you can think about it this way. It’s like having a choice between a Ferrari or a Ford sedan. They can both help you reach your destination comfortably, but the other one is way more expensive.

Wrapping It Up

We do hope that our comprehensive inflatable hot tub review article has helped you in choosing the right portable spa model for you. From cheap hot tubs under 500 right up to those which are under 1000, you’ll be able to pick an inflatable Jacuzzi at a fraction of a cost compared to the actual thing. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us via our Contact page.

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