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Laze Up! - About Us

Inflatable hot tubs are getting more popular nowadays. There are certainly two reasons why they are trending. One is that they are so affordable and two, is that they’re so easy to setup.

Every one of us wants to have a Jacuzzi at home. Soaking in it is such a soothing and relaxing experience, especially after a hectic day. But getting a regular, hard-shell spa installed at home is super expensive and needs professional help to set up. Inflatable hot tubs are none of these things and yet they provide the same soothing spa experience.

Since they are inflatables, they are also portable, allowing you to move the spa around when you need more space in the backyard or bring with you in your trailer.

As good as it seems, not all inflatable spas can give you the same amazing experience. This is where our site comes in. We understand how hard it can be to choose the best inflatable hot tub to buy. In fact, we’ve been through that same grueling experience as well when we purchased our first one.

Brick-and-mortar stores are definitely lacking when it comes to having a wide variety of models on display to choose from. So the best way to buy one is online. Amazon has a lot of product models available, but it can be a daunting task to peruse them all.

We created this site, Laze Up, to help you out in choosing the best model that will suit your needs. Laze Up provides thorough and unbiased reviews of inflatable hot tubs. We also provide top recommendations based on features, price, etc. You will also find articles on how to further enrich your experience with your portable hot tub.

Compared to other inflatable hot tub review sites, Laze Up does not only list product features already found in Amazon product listings. We give you detailed information on each of these features and how they actually affect your experience. The information we provide is not only detailed but relevant.

Our reviews can truly help you decide if the product is right for you by providing practical reasons why you should or should not buy the inflatable hot tub you’re eyeing on.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to drop by through our Contact Page.

Don’t forget that you deserve to have fun and laze up!