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SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show


Ambiance plays a major factor if you want a memorable experience with any hot tub. SaluSpa Paris is an expert in this category with its LED lights. You can set up lights around your spa, but lights from underneath the water is certainly a better mood enhancer.

But does the cost justify the experience?

In the next sections, you’ll learn more if this is the right model for you as we expand on its features and benefits. By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an intelligent decision if this inflatable spa is worth purchasing at all.

Product Features & Benefits

SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w LED Light Show Product Image
Picture this seemingly magical scenario. It’s cold outside and yet you feel so warm and relaxed as you soak in your spa. As your muscle tension melts away with a full body massage, you can’t help but feel more amazing while watching the colorful light show coming from underneath the water.

This is what you’ll be experiencing with SaluSpa Paris AirJet from Bestway.

It’s a 4-person inflatable spa that comes with a control unit which both inflates the portable spa itself and acts as a heater as well. It’s also responsible for producing bubbles for the massage system. This is pretty much the brains of the entire operation and it’s very easy to set up and maintain.

Compared to other models in the same product line such as the SaluSpa Miami, SaluSpa Paris comes with a LED light show. It is capable of cycling through 7 different colors, has a remote control for the lighting sequence and is programmable as well.

Massage System

SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w LED Light Show RelaxSaluSpa Paris comes with a built-in bubble jet massage system, which blows in ambient air producing bubbles that massage your submerged body. This means that you get to enjoy a light full body massage while you soak. It effectively relieves tension so you get to enjoy the rest of the day feeling refreshed.

The bubble jets line up about three-fourths of the bottom perimeter of the unit, leaving space for the large filters installed.

When you turn the bubble jets on, expect a sound similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. The sound comes from the pump that’s producing these bubbles. If you find the noise a little too loud for you, you can devise an enclosure for it to muffle the sound and protect it from the sun and the weather as well.

If you’re looking for a targeted and heated high-pressure massage system, we recommend that you check a different model instead such the SaluSpa Hawaii.

Heating System

SaluSpa Paris AirJet, like all other inflatable hot tubs, can heat the water up at a rate of 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. This means you’ll need to plan a day ahead if you want to use the spa. Depending on the current outside temperature, you may need up to 10 hours to bring it up to 100 degrees.

This portable spa can heat up the water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, anything hotter can damage the system. It’s also the maximum temperature that the inflatable material can endure. On the other hand, the materials cannot stand temperatures colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you’re planning to use this inflatable spa during winter in your area where it falls below 40, you should have it set up in an enclosed area. We’ve discussed this in detail on our article about using a portable spa during the cold months.

Filtration System

Paris AirJet has two filter assemblies already installed to the insides of the spa wall. When we mentioned earlier that the bubble jets only cover 3/4 of the bottom perimeter, the remaining 1/4 is for these spa filters. They’re easy to remove and install and each comes with cartridges.

The filters can be cleaned by just hosing them down. You can also place them on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

This model also comes with a chemical floater. However, it doesn’t come with these chemical tablets. You can use either bromine or chlorine tablets to keep them cleaned and the pH level balanced.

If you’re looking for a more robust water treatment system, this model of Saluspa is not the right choice. There are other models of inflatable hot tubs on the market that has both salt water and hard water treatment system. You can check them on our our recommendations here at Laze Up.


SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w LED Light Show ReviewIf you’re planning to have this just for yourself or with a friend expect some relaxing and soothing times ahead. Even a person who is roughly six feet tall can definitely stretch his or her legs without touching the opposite wall of the spa.

SaluSpa Paris is designed to accommodate up to 6 adults, as advertised by the manufacturer. This may be true if the adults are NOT actually tall. As we have previously discussed, the comfortable capacity is always less than 2 for each and every inflatable spa.

This means that any unit advertised with a capacity of 4 persons is actually comfortable for up to 2, or sometimes 3, persons. Having 4 to 6 persons on this inflatable hot tub is not that relaxing at all. Your legs will end up crisscrossed in the water.

If sitting at the bottom seems too low for you, you can always purchase a separate inflatable hot tub seat. For the most part, you’ll find the cushioned mat underneath pretty much comfortable, though. It’s comparable to sitting on a giant bubble wrap.

Setting Up

SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w LED Light Show SetupSetting up the SaluSpa Paris inflatable spa is very easy and requires no additional tools at all. This is a very common feature with every inflatable hot tub and pretty much what blows any in-ground hot tub installations out of the water.

If you know how to setup up any inflatables like a sofa or bed, this is pretty much the same. You place the cushioned air pad where you would like to set up the unit, inflate the hot tub on top of it and inflate the cover.

Since this model comes with LED lights, you’ll need to flip the inflated hot tub upside down to install the lighting. However, the LED has its own power plug which requires a different outlet. The power is not integrated into the control unit or pump.

After installing the lighting, all you need to do is fill the water up with water and get it heated, which is actually the slowest part of setting it up.

To make sure that the water is heated up by the time you get home, ensure that it is covered while heating up and that the cushioned air pad floor is in place as well. The air pad floor or mat not only protects your inflatable spa from getting punctured underneath, but it also gives you a cushioned floor to sit on and insulates your hot tub.


SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w LED Light Show ReviewAnother great feature about having an inflatable spa is that it’s easy to maintain. The filter assemblies are easy to remove and install with just a screw. The chemical floater is, well, very easy to replace with another bromine tablet.

To ensure that the water stays clean, you should keep the unit covered with its insulated cover. This not only helps maintain the heat but also spares your pump from working overtime by cleaning and filtering the water.

If you need to drain the spa, you can do so by using one of the filter assemblies. Removing the water inlet where it’s attached to will drain the water right then and there. Alternatively, you can attach a garden hose to the water inlet and let the water drain to another location.

You’ll find the leatheroid material of SaluSpa Paris to be quite durable, but it cannot withstand scratches from a cat or dog nails. After all, this inflatable spa is not designed to accommodate them anyway. If you want to keep your pets away from your hot tub, you can have it a fence enclose it.


SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w LED Light ShowParis AirJet has a dimension of 77 x 26 inches when inflated. A height of 26 inches may prove to be too high for some people, so using a seat can really help. You’ll also need to make sure that the area where you’re planning to place this portable spa measures more than 77 inches. This is to accommodate the pump or control unit as well.

For those who are planning to place their Paris inflatable spa on a raised platform, you’ll need to consider the weight as well. The filled weight is around 2,678 lbs and that doesn’t even include the individual weights of the people in the tub.

Energy Consumption

Another important factor you need to consider is the cost of electricity you’ll incur using an inflatable spa. Normal usage will usually add around $20 a month to your bill, more or less depending on the rates in your area. With normal usage, that would mean turning on the heater to only when you’re planning to use the spa 2 to 3 times per week.

However, expect higher electricity bills if you plan to have the heater turned on all the time.

As you may already know, the heater is what makes any inflatable hot tub consume electricity. There are ways to go around this and that deserves a separate article on its own.

Warranty and Support

The manufacturer provides a limited 1-year warranty to parts including the pump. We advise that you fill up the warranty form and get your purchase registered as soon as you receive it.

This will help get you covered in case your pump breaks down within a year. Take note, though, that Bestway customer service is rather a hit or miss thing. You may have to go through hoops claiming warranty, depending on the customer service representative who answered your call.

  • Inexpensive price point
  • Easy to setup and maintain with no additional tools needed
  • Comes with bubble jets for light relaxing massage
  • LED lights are easy to install and helps to set the mood
  • Standard filtration system installed to help keep the water clean
  • No additional high-powered massage jets installed
  • Does not include additional water treatment system

Consumer Ratings

Customers who gave SaluSpa Paris a high rating of 4 to 5 stars are very satisfied with the product, specifically, with the benefits that they get using it. Customer who gave it a low rating, however, are those who got the short end of the stick and received a defective or an almost-defective product in the first place.

Buying this product from Amazon ensures that you are covered on the first 30 days after purchase, and by filling up the manufacturer’s warranty, your coverage extends to 1 year. We encourage you to check the customer reviews on Amazon if you want additional guidance.

Final Words

You can certainly purchase an inflatable hot tub with no LED lights, but at a cheap price point, the SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show is actually worth it. The spa itself is uniquely designed to allow the lights to glow underneath the tub and the water.

The lights from the LED add up to the relaxing and soothing experience of soaking in your Paris AirJet inflatable spa. Aside from getting your sense of touch involved with the massaging bubbles and warm water, your sense of sight gets a treat as well because of the soothing light display.

Just add some spa music in the background, a refreshing drink, and some aromatherapy candles and you’ll get all your five senses totally engaged with the spa experience at home.

8.4 Jazzed Up

The Paris AirJet with LED Light Show functions well as a standard inflatable hot tub. It has air bubble massage system, is easy to setup and clean, and is designed to enhance the mood of your soaking ritual.

The LED lights setup for this inflatable spa is a better than using floating colored lights, and definitely more preferred than not having these lights at all.

  • Spa Experience 8
  • Durability 7.5
  • Setup 9
  • Price 9