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The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories For a More Enjoyable Soak


An inflatable hot tub is already awesome in itself. But did you know that you can enhance your soaking time when you have the right accessories for inflatable hot tub?

These cool inflatable hot tub add-ons may not be that necessary to enjoy your experience but they can certainly take it to the next level. It’s a lot similar to jazzing up your car. It helps to make your hot tub sessions more personal.

Are you someone who likes to have a drink, whether alcoholic beverages or not? Do you love soaking at night or during the day? The accessories you will use will largely depend on your personal preference. After all, this entire hot tub experience is quite personal.

Accessories For Inflatable Hot Tub: Our Editor’s Choices

Even if you already have your own inflatable spa, having these accessories will not diminish the greatness of your spa. On the contrary, it will even help open up for some more fun activities.

Inflatable Ice Box and Cup Holder

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories For a More Enjoyable Soak - Featured

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Who doesn’t want to go chilling in their inflatable hot tub while drinking bottled drinks? It’s like you’re having a soak in the waters of paradise!

The size of this inflatable ice box and cup holder is small enough that it will not take too much space, even for a 2 person inflatable hot tub. It has 5 cup holders where you can place your cup, beer bottle or even small snacks.

The small icebox at the center is around 10 inches in height. You can put ice to chill your drinks there. If you prefer, you can also put your snacks inside to keep them from getting wet.

Just remember not to turn on your massage jets while this inflatable ice box is floating in your hot tub. You certainly don’t want to be soaking in your beer.

Refreshment Float

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories For a More Enjoyable Soak

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Let’s take the ice box and cup holder accessory suggested earlier to the next level. This accessory has such a premium design in our book. There are just so many things you can place on this, even your small bluetooth speaker.

The Hot Bar Refreshment Float from Pool Systems USA is a floating bar specifically designed for hot tub and spa. It has ballasts you can fill with water or sand to help keep it steady. You can place your snacks, liquor glasses and bottles on this floating bar.

This refreshment float should be aptly called the “Party Refreshment Float”. Its design is perfect for both pool and hot tub parties. As with other floating bar accessories, just make sure to keep the massage jets turned off.

LED Submersible Light Kit

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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These LED light kit can certainly set the tone for your hot tub or spa session. There are 15 colors to choose from and you can easily set which color you want with a remote control.

The 10 led lights that are arranged in a flower-like pattern create some amazing ambiance when placed in your hot tub. It is submersible but the accessory actually floats in the water. If you want it under the water, you will have to stick it with a waterproof glue or tape, which we strongly discourage as it might damage your inflatable spa.

However, turning the light kit upside down while it’s floating creates wonderful effects. You can even have the lights switch from color to color in a fading effect. I find this very soothing to the eyes.

Mood Lights

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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Here’s another option in setting up the mood in your inflatable spa. You can use these Mood Lights Garden Deco Balls from MicroTronixx.

When you purchase these light orbs, you’ll actually get 12 of them, each with their programmable colors. Each of the orb’s size is similar to that of a baseball. They are waterproof and can float in your hot tub.

With 9 different color settings, you can certainly find the perfect color combination to match the mood that you’re going for. You can also set the color transitions to be fast or slow.

LED Strip Light

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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If you’re looking for some more flexibility in lighting up not just your spa, but the surrounding area as well, we recommend getting this LED Strip Light from Triangle Bulbs. It is waterproof, very flexible, and is 5 meters in length.

The entire strip has a self-adhesive tape at the back. You can also easily and safely cut the strip every 3 LED bulbs. Since it’s LED, you can be sure that it has a low power consumption yet it gives off a bright and smooth light.

You can easily line up the outer bottom of your portable hot tub or even jazz up the shed where it’s located. The only available color is bluish-white. If you find this color to your liking, then you’ll certainly enjoy your time in your spa even more.

Jazzing up your portable hot tub area, including the shed, makes soaking at night very enjoyable. It can make any spa the best inflatable hot tub for winter, or even for summer, because of the festive ambiance.

SoundBot Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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Who doesn’t want to listen to some ambient music while having a soak? I know I do. Depending on my mood, I would play some soothing spa music or some EDM if my friends are with me.

Of course, my phone’s built-in speaker is no good so I opted to use this waterproof bluetooth speaker from SoundBot. Aside from the fact that its water resistant, it also produces premium audio sound. Crisp, clear and with balanced bass output, you can never go wrong playing any type of music through this speaker.

This bluetooth speaker also has a built-in suction cup so you can be sure it doesn’t fall off in case you place it on the side of your hot tub. Unless your phone is water resistant too, you should start your playlist before you get in the hot tub.

Patio Umbrella

Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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There are certainly a lot of quirks in having a hot tub session in the evenings, on of which is a very restful sleep.

However, there are also a lot of benefits in doing it during daytime as well. For one, you don’t have to wait for the end of the day to get your fix. You can get to feel good early so that stress doesn’t even take hold of you for the rest of the day.

Soaking under the heat of the sun is a big no-no, but fortunately, we have an elegant solution for that. This 10′ Patio Umbrella from Best Choice Products can keep you sheltered from sunlight rays but still have you enjoying the outdoors as well.

It is made of premium materials and is very durable. I personally prefer this setup during summer compared to having my inflatable hot tub inside a shed. It makes my hot tub so inviting!


Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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When you’re in a blown up spa with your friends, sometimes having a good conversation is not enough. In cases like this, you certainly have an option to play UNO cards.

The UNO H20 is waterproof. There’s no need to worry about ruining these cards as you hold them with your wet hands or even had them fall to the water. Even if you try to be careful not getting regular paper cards wet, the moist can still get to the paper and eventually destroy them. Not with these amazing UNO H20 plastic cards, though.

It’s pure enjoyment as you spend your time relaxing in your spa, with your family or friends. Topping the setup with a refreshment float would make it more awesome!

Design Go Playing Cards

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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Some of us prefer the more traditional playing cards. What’s not to like about them? They are so versatile, you can play a lot of different card games with them. You got the popular Poker, then there’s the Euchre or even simple Solitaire for when you’re alone.

These Design Go Playing Cards are the next best thing to water-resistant cellphones! Aside from being waterproof, these cards are stain proof as well. You can easily clean and wipe off any food stains, so go ahead and have snacks while you play with these cards.

I used to just imagine and talk about how good it would be to play cards while in a hot tub. I thought it can’t be done. Well, here they are! I even bring these waterproof cards even we go on vacation. In fact, they can also count one of the more affordable stress relief gift ideas.

Wrapping It Up

Which of these accessoies for inflatable hot tub do you have or do you prefer having? Do you have any other suggestions which are not on this list? Feels free to leave a comment below. We definitely would love to hear your unique recommendations too!

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