Things They Don’t Tell You About Inflatable Hot Tubs


Do you know the things no one else tells you about Inflatable Hot Tubs? These can make or break your spa experience at home, and some can even break your spa.

If you’re about to purchase one, whether an 8 person inflatable hot tub or even just for 2, be sure to continue reading. These are the stuff people would only discover after they make a purchase.

It is better to these things beforehand so you get to enjoy your purchase. No disappointments and no hassles of going through the process of returns.

Truths About Inflatable Hot Tubs

Everything has secrets. They are either closely-guarded or people don’t talk about them. It could be okay sometimes but not when you’re about to purchase an item which costs more than a hundred bucks.

In situations like this, you should be able to clearly read the fine prints. And that is what I’m presenting to you in this post.

I want you to have a very satisfying experience once you get your inflatable spa setup and every time you take a dip.

The Things They Don’t Tell You About Inflatable Hot Tubs

Some of the things I highlight below are either never mentioned in the manual or easily overlooked because they just weren’t given enough emphasis on the sales page.

In reality, even if what you bought is one of the best inflatable hot tubs in the market today, it can still lead to disappointment if you are not aware of what and what not to expect in owning one.

Can Epsom Salts Enhance The Experience?

Epsom salts for inflatable hot tubs - Laze Up
The uses of Epsom salts are becoming popular nowadays as one way to relax the body. It is best used as a salt bath when soaking in a bathtub.

These salts are not exactly like the edible salt we use to sprinkle over our food. It’s actually its chemical structure that makes it a salt.

These Epsom salts, not to be mistaken with the common bath salts, are believed to have very beneficial effects on the body. Soaking with this salt in the bathtub relaxes the muscles and loosens stiff joints.

It is only fair to think that adding Epsom salts in your inflatable hot tub can further enhance the experience. But unfortunately, it should not be done.

This is not because it is ineffective. It’s because the chemical composition may cause harm not to you, but to your inflatable hot tub in the long run.

Fortunately, if what you’re intent on using Epsom salts is to soothe your tired and aching muscles, then the portable hot tub’s built-in bubble or massage jets should help you achieve this.

How Loud Can It Get?

How Noisy Are Massage Jets - Laze Up
You soak yourself in a spa to relax. You can also have an intimate or pleasurable conversation too. But having a noisy spa motor defeats the purpose.

The physiological effect of noise according to the Canadian Center of Occupational Health and Safety states that loud noises cause muscles to tense up. Additionally, according to Wikipedia, loud noises can definitely increase anxiety and even cause sleeplessness.

Fortunately, the noise produced by inflatable hot tubs is very minimal and not as intrusive as it seems.

The noisiest operation you’ll ever hear is when you’re inflating the tub, which doesn’t affect your level of relaxation since you’re obviously not in the tub yet. You will need to take this into consideration though if your neighbors have very low tolerance to noise.

Inflatable Hot Tubs with hydro or massage jets operates with the lease noise, plus can get to have more targeted and pressurized massage as well. There’s no compromise at all except for the additional cost which is well worth it.

On the other hand, operating the bubble massage produces a sound similar to that of the low hum of an air conditioner. The sounds of splashing water created by the bubble jets do not necessarily make it louder. In fact, most people find it soothing.

At any rate, if what you currently wanted is literally a quiet time in your hot tub, you can always just sit in the heated waters and soak your weary muscles, without running any jets at all.

Comfortable Capacity Is Always Minus 2

There are so many portable spa models available today than, let’s say, five years ago. Regardless of the design or features installed, there seems to be a common trend with regards to the available sizes.

Inflatable Hot Tubs come in 3 sizes: 4-person, 6-person, and 8-person.

The 4-person is the most common. There are a lot of models from different brands to choose from. These hot tubs also have the cheapest price point.

As you go for higher seating capacity, the price goes up.

If you are looking to enjoy a relaxing spa experience in your inflatable spa with 3 other persons, the most optimal choice is an inflatable hot tub for 6 people.

It is true that you can have 4 people sit together in a 4-person hot tub but don’t expect to be able to stretch your legs comfortably. You will all end up having to sit together with legs folded.

That is why if you already have the number of persons in mind, who will occupy your inflatable hot tub, let’s say 6 people, then it is best to buy a 8 person inflatable hot tub.

Can You Use Your Inflatable Hot Tub During Winter?

Soaking in your inflatable spas is great experience any time of the year, especially during the colder months. But can you truly use it during the winter?

Inflatable hot tubs are designed to endure temperatures as low as 40°F. If you have your tub exposed to this it may freeze it and cause some components to break.

We’re not talking about immediate malfunction or air suddenly bursting at the seams. It’s a slow process of damaging your tub, decreasing the life span significantly.

Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to this limitation. They all involve around housing your inflatable hot tub to protect it from these freezing temperatures.

Some people buy a shed, while others build them from scratch. Most of the people we know make use of either their unused garage or the basement.

If you decide to do this, make sure to consider where and how the water will be drained and don’t forget to install dehumidifiers too.

Conversely, the maximum temperature that an inflatable hot tub can withstand is 104°F. This means that even you cannot fill your tub with warm water above this temperature.

The safest way is to let the hot tub’s control unit heat it up. All inflatable hot tub’s control units are designed to monitor and maintain temperature without exceeding 104°F.

Do All Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Built-In Seats?

When you go to a spa and dip yourself, there are always seats which are designed to align you with the installed jets and make your experience more comfortable.

You would expect the same thing with an inflatable hot tub, but sadly they all don’t come with seats.

In replacement of the seats, they all come with an inflatable ground cloth. The hot tub is placed directly on top of the ground cloth to act as additional protection from sharp debris that may puncture it underneath.

More importantly, the ground cloth makes the bottom of the tub very comfortable to sit on. It provides a soft cushion so you won’t feel the hardness or unevenness of the ground.

However, if you really want to have a seat for your inflatable spa, you can certainly purchase them at a reasonable price online.

Can You Jazz It Up?

As you continually use your inflatable tub, ideas will start to pop in your mind on how you can make the experience better.

You might want to have some drinks while chatting with your friends on the spa. You might find the side walls lacking in terms of head and neck support. Or as we have discussed in the section before this, you might be wondering how to have seats installed.

Intex is a brand that manufactures some of these accessories for their own inflatable spa products. They have cup holders, seats, and head rest that you can easily integrate into their products.

In case you own or are planning to buy an inflatable hot tub from another brand, these same accessories will still work.

There is an unofficial standard among these inflatable tabs when it comes to sizes and design, which consequentially helped to make these accessories fit regardless of brands.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know these things that they don’t usually tell you about inflatable hot tubs, I’m sure you’ll get more out of your purchase when you decide to buy one.

In case you’re someone who did some research or had some experiences with your first hot tubs, feel free to share with us your not-so-common knowledge and experience below. And as always, don’t forget to unwind and laze up!


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