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13 Amazing Gifts For Those Who Are Stressed Most Of The Time


Stressing over stress relief gift ideas is such an ironic experience, but it’s true and it doesn’t actually cancel out.

These amazing suggestions of gifts for those who are stressed will keep you from getting stressed-out yourself trying to find the perfect item, whether it’s for Christmas, for birthdays or for any occasion.

If you’re looking to buy for a perfect relaxing gift for your husband, for your mom who’s always stressed-out or just about anyone in your life that you know who needs to unwind, these gift suggestions will give you enough to choose from.

Bubble Wrap

If you want to give a very memorable and useful gift, which is so budget-friendly as well, then you can’t go wrong with bubble wraps.

It might sound like a joke at first, but there’s no denying that popping bubble wraps is a very effective stress reliever. It’s like you’re popping all your troubles and worries away. This is a simple and effective gift for stress relief.

While giving bubble wraps may look too cheap on the onset, you can easily convert it into something very creative and personal. Why not cut the bubble wraps into tissue-sized squares and place it in an empty tissue box? Then unleash your creativity on the box’s cover and make this a unique stress relief gift idea.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is not your ordinary desk lamp or night light. Himalayan Salt Lamps are getting popular these days because of its benefits for a person’s well-being.

This is a unique, all-in-one relaxation gift that anyone would surely appreciate receiving. This is what makes it so easy to gift regardless if you’re giving it to your boss, your wife or your teenage daughter.

As a night lamp, it gives off a soothing orange color reminiscent of a campfire. It has the benefits of a light therapy treatment which uplift the mood and energizes. Most especially, it can help rid the air of toxins keeping the room air clean and fresh.

Massage Chair

Who wouldn’t want to have a massage every day? It just literally melts the stress away. There are many tools to get a massage at home like handheld massagers, but the ultimate gift for your loved one who enjoys getting a massage is a massage chair.

This is perfect for your parents who are not into traveling a lot but needs a soothing massage for their back pains every now and then.

Compared to the handheld versions, a massage chair gives a full body massage with no effort at all. All your dad has to do is sit on it, turn on the programs he likes and voila! His body gets a premium treatment right at home or in his office.

Foot Massager

Moms who are always stressed-out would enjoy receiving this gift. If you find that giving a massage chair may be too much for your budget, a foot massager is a great alternative.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space so it’s very portable. It may not be as grand as the gift-wrapped box of a massage chair, but is still a perfect relaxing gift for her as it helps with reducing stress and anxiety.

The immediate effect is actually more subtle than getting a full body massage. Foot massages follow the principles of reflexology. She doesn’t need to have in-depth knowledge of what reflexology can do because, at the very least, it always feels good to have a foot massage.

Inflatable Hot Tub

After a demanding day at work, soaking in a hot tub is a very relaxing experience. Why not upgrade the experience to the next level with an inflatable hot tub?

If you want to give a single gift that an entire family will enjoy, an inflatable hot tub certainly fits the bill. It is an ideal family gift for your sister-in-law who never seems to have enough time for her kids or your workaholic dad who need to be reminded of the meaning of weekend.

Your co-worker or your favorite employee will definitely be surprised getting this gift from you. As a matter of fact, anyone who receives this as a gift (including yourself) will surely have a life-changing experience. Don’t forget to jazz it up with our most recommended add-ons.


There are many different hammock designs, which can be used anywhere. Does your brother love camping or is your friend the homebody type? You can certainly find a hammock specific to them.

Hammocks are created for one single purpose, for relaxation. It may be cliche, but hammocks have always been used to represent a beach vacation. Your loved one need not go to the beach, though, because with this gift you’re bringing the beach to them.

Sleep Mask

Sleep is the most basic form of relaxation. There are so many people who experience sleep deprivation today due to stress.

As we all know, a person deprived of sleep can be very impatient and out-of-sorts the next day, becoming more vulnerable to the effects of stress. And the stress cycle continues on and on.

A sleep mask can offer a very simple yet effective solution to this problem. There are also sleep masks where you can insert herbs to further help in calming the senses. If you want some variations, you can also give sleep pillows as a gift.

Sound Machine

If you find the sleep mask too simple, you can go for a Sleep Sound Machine. They may not be as cheap as sleep masks but they are still very affordable, with premium models costing less than $100.

There are two types of sound machines. There is one which produces white noise, effectively drowning external noises. The other produces calming sounds like campfire or beach waves.

Whichever type you choose to give, these sound machines can help with achieving a well-rested sleep.

Yoga Class

Yoga is a holistic approach to attaining our goals in all levels of our being. With that said, it is very beneficial in both the release and prevention of stress.

Giving your girlfriend a one-year membership to local Yoga class will not only help her cope with stress, but it will greatly improve her way of life.

Although yoga seemed to be popular among women, it is equally beneficial to men as well. This is an awesome gift if the person you’re giving it to is someone who loves the company of like-minded people, someone who loves to relax and socialize as well.

Yoga Mat

If your friend or a loved one is not a very social type of person, she can still practice yoga at home. The only tool she would really need is a yoga mat.

The internet is full of information on how to perform different yoga poses together with their benefits. Pinterest is an awesome online resource. Additionally, you may want to include a book on yoga with your gift for a complete package.

Meditation Cushion

Meditating at least 15 minutes a day have so many benefits. Doing it early in the morning can prepare you for any stressful events that may unfold throughout the day. In the evening, it relaxes the mind allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.

Giving this as a gift to someone you love will greatly affect their well-being for good. It may even be a life-changing experience to some and it definitely feels so good to be able to contribute to such life events.

If you want to make your meditation cushion gift grander, you can include a meditation book as well.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes, even a time that is allocated for resting ends up with cleaning the room. A robotic vacuum cleaner can help on take away some stress in cleaning.

Your wife, dad or even your roommate will definitely enjoy this. This robot will clean the carpet while they watch TV or relax checking Twitter or Facebook.

It may not directly affect their relaxation but it will allow them to have some time to spend with more enjoyable stuff like playing games. Some more robotic help will surely be available in the future but for now, this is one futuristic gift to give today.

VR Headsets

Everybody’s a gamer nowadays. Playing games whether on the phone or on a PC is very popular because it both entertains and takes the mind off from the worries of the day. Immersion can really make game time more enjoyable with VR headsets. Whether your friend loves playing games on PC or phone, there’s always a VR headset available to buy.

This may not be an ideal gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, though, unless you want to be spending some alone time together every now and then.

Searching online or offline for the stress relief gift ideas can be very tedious. Anyone who would receive any of these will surely enjoy it. I know I would if I ever receive at least one of these too. In fact, I even bought a massage chair for myself!


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