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Is a Hot Tub Good for a Cold?


When you have a cold, the call for relaxation escalates and soaking in a hot tub seems like the ideal way to do it. However, is a hot tub good for a cold or will it make it worse?

Fortunately, soaking in a hot tub helps to relieve us of cold and flu symptoms. It may not lead to actually curing it but it can indirectly contribute to a fast recovery.

In these next sections, I will go into great detail about how a hot tub can make you feel better. In addition, you will also learn if you get to experience the same benefits if you have a sinus infection.

Is A Hot Tub Good for a Cold?

There’s no denying that the combination of a hot tub’s warm waters and hydro massage are very relaxing. If you have a cold, the soothing effect is magnified. It actually helps to relieve the uncomfortable experiences you get when you have a cold, such as:

  • Muscle aches
  • Congestion
  • Sleeplessness
  • Stress

Increasing your dose of vitamin C and taking cold medications are still the best way to combat it, but it doesn’t mean you have to endure the heavy feeling. You don’t even need to have an inflatable spa for winter use, but it’s certainly recommended.

Here are 4 ways that a hot tub can help you feel better:

Soothes Body Aches

It’s not always a good idea to take painkillers when you’re having muscle aches. This is especially true when you’re already taking cold medications. It can be too much for your kidneys to handle.

When it comes to soothing body aches, a hot tub’s jet massage system and warm water are one of the experts. Their combined efforts help improve blood circulation and relieve tension in your muscles.

While you can get the same experience from an actual massage, water buoyancy adds a lot of difference in relieving the pain. As a matter of fact, even people with arthritis favors the relief they get from a hot tub.

Clears Nasal Congestion

Not all people who suffer from colds have to endure body aches. Some can just as easily shrug them off. However, everyone who has colds experience nasal congestion, and that is very nasty.

The most common and effective home remedy is to get a bowl of hot water and optionally put a few drops of eucalyptus oil. You then put your face over it so that the steam can clear your nasal passage.

If you can soak in a hot tub, like the Intex 4-Person Portable Spa, that would be a better option, though.

The rising steam from the warm waters acts the same way in clearing your nasal cavity. This, in turn, helps to induce drainage, literally melting the mucus away. As mentioned above, you also get to have a massage to boot.

Induces Restful Sleep

When you have colds, you feel drowsy and sleepy almost the entire time. This is because your body is telling you exactly what it needs, which is a long and restful sleep.

Unfortunately, sleeping can be quite a challenge when you’re sick.

One of the main health benefits of a hot tub is that it promotes sleep. Of course, sleeping in a hot tub is a big no-no especially if you’re already drowsy due to the meds. Instead, you should soak an hour before you go to bed.

The muscles relaxed and your sinuses cleared, you will be able to sleep undisturbed. In addition, the drop in your body temperature after soaking gives a signal to your mind and body that it’s time to

Relieves Stress

Sickness can naturally stress us out. Whether you actually feel it or not, one thing’s for sure, your body is experiencing it. It is working overtime to fight off the virus and get you back to your physical well-being.

Aside from taking in medications (alternative or not), you can help with this ongoing battle by not stressing out. Studies have shown that stress and your ability to fight viruses have a direct correlation.

When you soak in a hot tub, it encourages your body to release dopamine and endorphins. Dopamine is responsible for your controlling your body’s pleasure center and endorphins lift your mood.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, your stress just melts away. This paves the way to a speedy recovery, giving your body the boost it needs to heal itself.

The best way to do this is with your own inflatable spa with superior water treatments installed. You can personally make sure that the water is clean. Compared to a public hot tub, the chances of encountering a random person with the far worse cold issues is almost impossible.

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Hot Tub Good for a Sinus Infection?

I believe this article will not be complete if the effects of a hot tub to a sinus infection is not included. Sinus infection, or sinusitis, is triggered by cold or allergies. Since a hot tub can help alleviate colds, can it help relieve the pains of sinusitis too?

Eliminating nasal congestion is one of the best approaches to treating this. Hot tubs are very helpful with regards to doing this. The bulk of the problem, though, lies on the bacteria in the mucus which causes the infection.

Soaking in warm waters may provide temporary relief, but it’s still best to consult your doctor. Sinus infection needs to be diagnosed first. In addition, you must also be aware that some chemicals to treat the water might end up irritating your already inflamed nasal cavity.

Wrapping It Up

So is a hot tub good for a cold? The answer is a resounding yes, as long as you keep the water clean. Perhaps the greatest benefit you can get from soaking in a hot tub is that it lessens the recovery time. With your mind and body more relaxed, you’ll right back on track in no time.


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