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Can A Pregnant Woman Get In A Hot Tub?


The experience of sitting in a hot tub is something that a lot of pregnant women would love to have. The hot water and relaxing bubble massage can ease the mind and melt the body aches away.

However, is it really safe? Can a pregnant woman get in a hot tub without complications for the baby?

In the following sections, I’ll be sharing with you the truth behind pregnancy and hot tubs. You’ll learn the right temperature and the maximum allowable time you can soak. I’ll also go into specifics for each trimester.

If you’ve been doing this with your friend or family before you even became pregnant, you don’t have to miss the fun at all. In case, you want to have one installed at your home, an inflatable spa is the most budget-friendly choice.

Can A Pregnant Woman Get In A Hot Tub?

The limitations of soaking in a hot tub are somewhat similar to what you would expect with other activities during pregnancy. This is regardless if you have a state-of-the-art inflatable spa or Jacuzzi. It’s more like cutting down on your caffeine intake.

As the American Pregnancy Association pointed out, studies have shown an increased risk of birth defects when the body’s temperature elevates to a certain level.

The rule of thumb is that your body’s temperature should not go beyond 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

While you may be able to tolerate or sometimes prefer temperatures even hotter than 102, remember that your baby will not be able to. Your child’s development and growth can be affected by your internal temperature. Raising it to more than 101 degrees can cause defects in the spinal cord or neural tube.

This is also the reason why even taking hot baths are not recommended.

Here are 2 ways that a pregnant woman can enjoy a hot tub, provided that the hot tub’s temperature is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit:

  1. Taking a dip for no more than 10 minutes, or
  2. Putting your legs in a hot tub

However, take note that this should NEVER be done in the early weeks of pregnancy. Think of it this way, your body is still developing into an effective baby carrier during this time, so all protective attributes are still not in place.

If you’re doing this in a spa center or hot tub salon, it can be quite hard to make sure that the water’s temperature is within the range. Having your how hot tub at home, whether inflatable or hard-shell, will give you more control on how hot the water can get.

While it feels amazing to seat near the jets or inlets where the heated water is being pumped, you should avoid this during this time.

Inflatable hot tubs with bubble jets are more appropriate in this case, like the Coleman SaluSpa, since the water being pumped is not heated at all. As a matter of fact, it even helps prevent the temperature of the water from rising.

Listening to your body is the best way to make sure that your core temperature is not going beyond the limit. Once you begin to sweat, feel dizzy or nauseated, you should immediately leave the hot tub. This is even if you’re far from hitting the 10-minute mark.

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Hot Tub While Pregnant: First Trimester

The most crucial time for your baby’s development is during the first three months of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is also the time when most women are not even aware of it, especially with those who have irregular menstrual cycles.

During the first trimester, you should not soak in a hot tub at all. Your body is still adjusting during this stage so it can be very hard to predict the rise of your core temperature.

However, you can always put your legs in a hot tub. To be on the safe side, though, make sure the water is below 101 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s still a great experience especially that it’s just like having a foot spa.

Hot Tub While Pregnant: Second Trimester

The second trimester is when your body becomes optimally equipped with being pregnant. You should now be able to enjoy soaking your body in a hot tub. However, this does not mean that you can have your core temperature can rise beyond the 101 degrees limit.

It just means that your temperature will not erratically shoot up all of a sudden. Give yourself up to 10 minutes tops and nothing more. If you’re a little more cautious (which is never wrong when you’re pregnant), you can soak your legs at the very least.

Hot Tub While Pregnant: Third Trimester

The third trimester is the most challenging time when it comes to relaxing in a hot tub. The call to soothe your aching body has never been as tempting.

You should still be able to soak in a hot tub, but you need to have someone one with you. Even if the water and your body are not beyond the temperature limit, the risk of slipping or falling down is a lot greater during this time.

Wrapping It Up

So can a pregnant woman get in a hot tub without the risks of complications? The answer is that there are always risks. As a matter of fact, there’s even greater danger going down the stairs. If you plan on using a hot tub during pregnancy, make sure to consult your doctor first. If you get the green light, remember to limit your soaking for less than 10 minutes and keep the water temperature below 101 degrees Fahrenheit.


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