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6 Practical Hot Tub Meditation Tips


One of the major reasons we love to dip in a hot tub is because it’s very relaxing. Nothing beats going home after a tedious and stressful day at work and being able to unwind.

Ambient Music

Our sense of hearing has the ability to easily affect our mood very quickly. Depending on the type of music or sound you’re listening to, you can suddenly become very excited, depressed or energetic.

Your change of emotions can quickly affect your body, causing it to ease up or get tense. To make your 15 to 20-minute hot tub session more relaxing, turn on some soothing spa music and have it playing in the background.

You don’t need some serious sound system to accomplish this. Just set your cell phone on airplane mode and play the music from there.

For inflatable spas, it is advisable to use their massage jets. If your unit does not have this capability, you can always just turn on the heater and nothing else.

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Some of us don’t easily notice this but the intensity and color of lights around us can greatly affect us. How many times that you when you’re feeling depressed you would prefer to have the curtains closed? On the other hand, we feel more energized when we are exposed to the morning sun.

When we want to relax, we usually dim the lights and close our eyes as well. It’s not something taught from school but we just naturally do it. The next time you’re planning to soak in your hot tub in the evening, try to keep the lights low in the surrounding area.


Aromatherapy is a widely-accepted technique to enhance your alone time. In fact, I haven’t been to a spa or massage center where they don’t have any relaxing scents in place, whether using incense, oils or artificial scents.

As with lights and sounds, our body reacts to different types of scents. Be sure to pick one that can induce relaxation to your mind. If you’re finding it hard to choose which one os the best, then just grab the scent that makes you feel good and happy.

Here’s a quick tip for you. You can set up the lights and the scents at the same time with scented candles. Just place them on a stool or small table beside your hot tub and you’re good to go.

Focus On Your Breath

Focusing on your breathing can help jumpstart your mind and body to relax. It helps to redirect your thoughts away from the stressful events that happened throughout the day. It allows you to focus on something universally neutral.

To keep you from getting distracted, it is best to just soak quietly without turning on the massage or bubble jets just yet. Focus on the air as it enters your nose, through your throat and down to your belly. Remember to make every inhale and exhale deliberately slow and deep.

Focus On Your Body

After a few minutes of focusing on your breath, you’ll feel a lot calmer than before you got home. It is the best time to turn on your massage or bubble jets.

This time, be mindful and focus on your body. Feel how wonderful it is to be massaged by heated water. Notice how the bubbles help release any tension in your muscles. Notice how it feels so good to have this moment in time when you can relax completely.


Before, or as soon as, you end your hot tub meditation, don’t forget to replenish yourself by drinking a glass of water. If there’s one big difference between meditating in a hot tub and while seated in a room, your body gets dehydrated easily.

Plus, drinking water helps you return back to your normal state of consciousness. It is a great grounding routine. You need to be in awake when you clean up the candles. You also don’t want to accidentally drop your cell phone in the hot tub when you turn off the music.

The great thing about meditating in a hot tub is that you get to appreciate the experience even more. You’re not just allowing your body to relax, but you’re relaxing your mind as well.

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